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Laura's · Journal

all about my day!

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Have you ever crushed on your closest friend? Did you keep it secret, were there problems or did it blossom into something more?

Yes, it was quite confusing.
Not my closest friend but one of my closest friends
it lasted for years, even now I can't see me marrying anyone but him.
Our relationship is still close and sometimes I wonder if I'll ever meet anyone as good as him.

in other news...

best site ever.
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Lies - The Black Keys
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so i'm not sure if this is ever read, but I don't care
this is for my benefit
I probably won't live in tulsa anymore.
i'm living in bartlesville right now
after that, maybe California or Kansas
but I feed bad for leaving behind everyone.

other than that I'm completely bored in this house and I want a nap.

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Dramamine-Modest Mouse
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What is your "role" in your family?
the moocher
I take all the cash and run
I feel bad too
i guess being a college student requires patience and a lot of dough
on the parents part
It's not like I just want to take all their money
I love them
I just happen to need it
and don't have a source of income (at the moment)
I love my family very much
I'm a peaceful person
and very emotional
so sometimes I cause a bit of drama
(a lot I guess)
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There's nothing quite like staying up till 3 in the morning painting. blaaaaah
I want food.
I ate gallery opening food and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for food today.
Gotta love skipping meals. =(
yeah, I'm really tired,  I think I'm going to wipe out now.
though studying genetics would be good too.
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sunday bloody sunday (cover)
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What is the one thing you're most neurotic about?
two things:
mouth noises: I hate weird mouth noises that are unintentional, like when people are eating.
I know you can control those freaky noises.
cleanliness: if things are dirty I get really annoyed and can't focus.
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allison's room
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Heart Shaped Box - Nirvana
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I've become increasingly aware of my own mortality, as is reflected in my recent dreams. I'm sure it has something to do with the recent death of a few young people I was acquainted with. Mortality is hard to face and the knowledge of the ability of you or your loved ones to go at any minute is a really depressing topic, but sometimes it needs to be addressed. I still feel like dreams are either: a) a reflection of our own conscious world or b) a separate world altogether in which we exist as a similar being with different circumstances.

If you want to read about my recent dreams visit chezlaurel.blogspot.com

love you all,


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Hang Me Up To Dry - Cold War Kids
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I really miss my dog. I kinda want to go home just so I can see her. =(
I was watching funny videos on youtube last night and came upon this gem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFHRsrQ325c&feature=related
or this one: http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=UG0guVq_0uo
and you really need to watch all of the human tetris ones because they're very funny.
I want to play this game!

and then I found cute puppy videos, and cute corgis...


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Who taught you how to cook?
I just picked up some food and made stuff out of it. I am a self-taught amateur cook. My dad and mom taught me a few things, but recipe-wise I'm all original baby. haha
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computer lab
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Belle and Sebastian - Funny Little Frog
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So, like always, though I don't always seem to notice it, life is good, dare I say amazing. I can think of one complaint however: my computer. The darling thing, which I really depend on, decided to have its internal CPU fan break down on me and not proceed to start up anymore, which means I am now in a writing lab screwing around on the computer before being forced to trek across the barren snowy earth to my first class. Can you tell I hate this weather? Check out my blog for my latest letter to our stupid weather. I hate technology
I have to go to the studio this morning to move my stupid giant wooden teddy bear from the sculpture room. Before my first class. I really need some coffee right now. I had like three hours of nap time last night before waking up with a start and a demonizing back pain. I still don't think advil is a strong enough pain killer for this monstrous pain. Seriously though, I think I really hurt  my back somehow. My ribs and spine are aching and when I bend over my legs wobble and my spinal chords makes a funny sound. I wanted to print off my poetry homework, but, again, it was 81 pages of nothing but traffic dictation (Traffic). Last time it was 108 pages of only a few words (Pcoet).
I did finish my Tocqueville paper. yay... that was a mildly excited, slightly sarcastic, weak exaltation just incase you were wondering.
I don't think its good, but it is better than my last paper. I'm really worried about my sculpture grade. I'm kinda nervous. =/
Anyways I guess I'm going to beg someone to get me some coffee somewhere.

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computer lab
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Belle and Sebastian - The blues are still blue
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I want it.
I want it so bad.
SHE'S SO ....


I hate my current coffee maker. 12 cups may be a nice number (especially for 7 dollars) but it makes 12 cups of stuff I'll never drink. Plus it's HUGE. I want to make my own lattés so I don't have to spend lots of money at Starbucks. =/ I wish I had more coffee. Or maybe some milk to put in my coffee. Some café au lait would be amazing right now. My coffee may be "Vanilla Biscotti" but it's just a crappy cup o' joe. =/
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The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever
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