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Laura's · Journal

all these names faces and lines

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So, uh, well I don't live in Tulsa anymore. I guess that sucks right? my name doesn't really fit my place of residence but I guess it's my fault for trying to predict where I would be in another year.

I live in Pleasant Hill, CA with my aunt for the time being. I'm kinda liking it here, but it's rough without my friends. I still wish I was at Tulsa taking classes there. I guess I'll never get over that. I really loved TU, and though I had qualms with financial problems and protest some of their actions and expenses, I can't argue that it wasn't a good school. I really did like it there, ridiculously expensive though it may be. (and now I hear they raised tuition)

But here it's nice. I go to Diablo Valley College, a quaint junior college with a good art program and nice enough faculty.

Next weekend is my birthday, a year older, a year less of my escaping youth.
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Pleasant Hill, CA
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My My My - Golden Animals
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