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What’s your favorite quick, easy, and healthy recipe?

I really like to make curry, it's super easy to make and though it isn't the healthiest it's a lot healthier than other foods people eat.
Here it is:

you will need
a frying pan/wok
some cooking oil
curry masala
galangal (Thai ginger)
4-6 green onions
some squash/zucchini
tofu, tempeh or meat substitute
or what ever veggies you like

slice green onions and place into oiled pan
cook until close to being browned
add sliced squash, carrots, mushrooms and meat substitute
let cook until soft
add about a tablespoon of diced galangal and ginger
stir in 2 tsp of garam masala and 1/2 cup water
let water boil and thicken into sauce
ready to serve!

can be served with/without rice

I usually like to add some premade Thai curry sauce to make it spicier (I am a spice fiend!)
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What movie, whether it was nominated by the Academy or not, gets your personal vote for Best Picture of 2008?

maybe not best picture, but I definitely wanted In Bruges to win best original screenplay.

That movie rocked, the fact that it only got one nomination and won it is a sign the academy has lost it.
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Now that the election is over, we can get to the important stuff. Why is there a light in the refrigerator but not in the freezer?

what are you talking about? there's a light in MY freezer...
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Kurt Vonnegut's books have great titles, like Breakfast of Champions and Slaughterhouse Five. If your life was a novel, what would the title be?

"a fear of being overheard"

no capitalization

it comes from a line in the Feist song "Secret Heart", which, if my life (or my family's life) were a movie, it would be the song during the credits.
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I returned to my blog and unexpectedly found a letter to myself. It remains true for me. I don't want to forget it. I don't even think it needs changing for next year. but for old time's sake I'll write another later. here's the old one (but not the original "letter to myself" that will remain a private one)

hey, you
you got something in the mail
last december
something you wrote in high school
now I'm writing you another
not in prose
but because
things got way better
and I wanted to remind you
people can change
old habits die hard
but they can still die
last time I wrote you
I was really sappy
I'm not going to lie
life sucks
even for you
in your residence
but the feeling of the brush and pen
and the way words just
flow out
make up for the fact
that they're jealous
they don't have a feel for it
like you
you may not be perfect
but what will they do
with four years of math
and crap
while you love what you make
but just because you
have homework
doesn't mean you can't
be a revolutionary
make it happen
change the world
don't just create your life
make it
sculpt the world
for me
for you
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Parties, dinners, pageants and more. How does technology help you survive the hustle and bustle of the holidays?

I'm not really sure. I'm sure that somehow, email communication and phones makes it easier to find out what we're cooking.

For joy.

now I want turkey. thanks live journal.
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tried to make a list... it's ridiculous.

Tegan and Sara
Gogol Bordello
Hot Chip
Swell Season
The Mars Volta
Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band
Iron and Wine
The Black Keys
Roger Waters
Death Cab for Cutie
The Raconteurs
The New Amsterdams
The Killers
My Morning Jacket
Sasha and John Digweed
Sons and Daughters
Rilo Kiley
Dwight Yokam
Cold War Kids
Animal Collective
Flogging Molly
Minus the Bear
Does it Offend you, Yeah?
I'm From Barcelona
Bright Eyes
part of Cake (we were leaving Wakarusa)

+ numerous local bands

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So, uh, well I don't live in Tulsa anymore. I guess that sucks right? my name doesn't really fit my place of residence but I guess it's my fault for trying to predict where I would be in another year.

I live in Pleasant Hill, CA with my aunt for the time being. I'm kinda liking it here, but it's rough without my friends. I still wish I was at Tulsa taking classes there. I guess I'll never get over that. I really loved TU, and though I had qualms with financial problems and protest some of their actions and expenses, I can't argue that it wasn't a good school. I really did like it there, ridiculously expensive though it may be. (and now I hear they raised tuition)

But here it's nice. I go to Diablo Valley College, a quaint junior college with a good art program and nice enough faculty.

Next weekend is my birthday, a year older, a year less of my escaping youth.
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Take a picture of yourself right now.
Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
Post that picture with NO editing.
Post these instructions with your picture.
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The New York Times was first published on this day in 1851. How important is print news to you? Does the internet render circulation obsolete, or will print never die?

Print will die down, but probably never completely vanish. I love print media, I'm an artist.
Print media used to be about the hard handiwork that went into it. Now it's all rendered digitally and doesn't matter printed or virtual.
I don't know if I really care anymore as long as art still remains in the concrete world and not solely virtual.
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